Friday, June 20, 2014

Back to the USA for summer

Our travel home couldn't have gone better, but a 10 hour flight is still a 10 hour flight.
Ready to go. Here we are in the taxi to the airport
We got to the airport early and the flight took off on time. We first went from Seoul to Tokyo. After declaring "today is yesterday" at the beginning of the flight, August looked out the window at the end of the flight and said "I see America! I see grandma's house!" I told him he was looking at Japan and he said, "Maybe it's Yuki's house..."

We had about a two hour layover at Narita airport, so we got McDonald's. The portion sizes are comparable to the U.S., which surprised me.
Then, right on time, we boarded The Dreamliner. We were on this plane last August, if you've talked to me at any time since then, I've told you about this plane. It's really nice. There's tons of legroom, bigger windows and more comfortable seats.
Each seat has it's own touch screen tv. There's a huge selection of movies, tv shows, music and games. I watched eleven episodes of Sex and the City. Eleven. And two movies: The Pretty One, which I recommend and That Awkward Moment, which I don't recommend.
Look at all the different selections!
Here's a brief video I took to show you how roomy this airplane is:

Just about 10 hours later we were in Denver. It was so nice to land right at home!
And look who was waiting for us at the airport! It's Grandma!
Some of you may know about the Denver International Airport. It was built like 15 years ago and there are some weird features. The murals, for one.
Look closely at this creepy picture. I should have had something to show the size. If you look closely you can see the hand rail that goes along the wall. this is a floor to ceiling mural.
The shape is supposed to look like mountains, this is the main part of the airport. These ceilings are huge tents.

There's also this art piece of this really scary blue horse with red eyes. The creator was actually KILLED by this piece when it fell on him.

The airport is on the eastern plains of Colorado. It's wide open and beautiful out there (when you first get back, after living here a while, I doesn't seem as beautiful).

It's nice to be home! The summer is off to a great start.

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