Saturday, June 7, 2014

12 years and counting

It's our anniversary! Congratulations to us. We got to go on a date! Grace's friend Ena's mom bravely took all 3 of our kids for a slumber party!

Looks like things are just fine!
Jim and I went to see Edge of Tomorrow in 4D movie at Sinsegae. We both really enjoyed the movie and it was a great movie to see in 4D. On our way out to dinner, we could not remember where we had parked our car, and I decided to record it because I thought it was funny. Not long into looking, we came across a guy who worked for Sinsegae and it seems that his job is to help people find their cars when they've forgotten where they parked. Enjoy this video:

After finding the car, we went and tried a new restaurant in our neighborhood. This restaurant has a camping theme. They get rid of all the unpleasant parts about camping like setting up a tent and sleeping outside and narrowed it down to the best part about camping: eating. They have tables and camping chairs set up and, like all Korean bbq, you cook the food on a grill at your table.
Jim's reading the menu
you can eat in the tent if you want
look at the stars!  
The waitresses are dressed in camping attire
the table
Ramen cooked on the grill too!
Well, it's been an adventurous 12 years and it just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

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