Thursday, March 6, 2014

August turns 4

Can you believe it? August is so proud to be 4. We are also proud that he's 4, of course. He was very excited to have a birthday party and I decided things would be easier if we just had the party at school. August has been planning this party for some time, and primarily he really wanted a piñata for his birthday. He really wanted a monster truck piñata, but I stealthy talked him into a Sponge Bob piñata. Pinatas are not easily available here in Korea. This is the closest I could find, but it's $66 and it doesn't even come with candy!  I knew I'd be making it and figured that Sponge Bob is the easiest shape to create. Look, I'm sure that making a piñata is very simple, but I was not interested in learning any thing new. Paper mache? Finding a balloon? Finding something adorable on Pinterest then wrecking it? Please. Here's how I constructed a piñata:

This is a bulk size cereal box (like you might find at Costco. I got this one at HomePlus)
cover most of the box in yellow paper (using a glue stick worked well)
cut fringe in strips of paper

layer the fringy strips
Draw the face parts and glue it to the box.
Now for the party. I can't believe he fell asleep before his party, but we woke him up so he could participate.
 I also made cake pops!

AAaaaand, here's August with the Sponge Bob piñata:

Here's how the pinata worked:

Some of his friends brought him gifts and they all had a great time helping him open them. 
Saturday morning, we had a small party with a few presents and some Schneeballen!

In the evening, the kids and I went to Paris Baguette and August chose his cake. He picked out this very fun Pororo cake:

Here they are, all blowing out the candles together.

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