Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shopping in Namdaemun

This weekend was Lunar New Year, which is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. New Year's day was Friday, and we thought somethings would be open again by Saturday, so on Saturday Amy and I went to get some things at the Dongdaemun fabric market. It was so easy getting there on a holiday weekend-no traffic at all! Although I think there was no traffic because everyone else knew that Dongdaemun was closed. We were disappointed, but we had been talking that neither of us had been to Namdaemun, and Namdaemun is just down the street from Dongdeamun. We've heard there's tons of cheap shopping. So we went there instead.

To be fair, it's possible that more is open on a regular weekend. When we got there, shops were open and the tourist information people were out, so I think we got a pretty good picture of what Namdaemun has to offer, which is not much. I found it overpriced and very little variety. Lots of furs, wallets and kitchen things. No one would bargain with me and when, for example, the wallets I was looking for were too expensive and I asked if they had any wallets for 15,000won I was shooed out of the store.
Overall, Namdaemun gets a big thumbs down from me.

Korean food

Kitchen store


Seoul tower is right there!
Overall, I say skip it. Maybe I didn't get the full experience because it was a holiday weekend, proved in El Bachelor, Myeongdong is better. Speaking of El Bachelor, Korea is not going to pass up this opportunity-you can get your own "Bachelor Inspired Tour" of Seoul!

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