Monday, February 17, 2014

Our birthdays 2014

It's birthday time around here. My birthday is on the 15th and Jim's is on the 25th, then August's is on March 1. Get ready to eat some cake! I love dessert, so I threw myself two dessert parties.
The first was at our apartment. I told people it was to celebrate both mine and Jim's birthdays, but I think I forgot about that when the actual party happened (see the picture of who's holding the cake and who's blowing out the candles). This year I turned 36, which sounds pretty good when you compare it to my Korean age, which is 37.

Cake from Paris Baguette! The tall candles represent "10" 
 Here's our party at our apartment!
Amy and Tim discussing who might win The Next Kpop Star
Thomas,  partying

Happy birthday to us

The cake
 Then on Monday, I had my party at Seoul Campus. It's not that the two campus' don't like each other, it's that our apartment isn't big enough for a huge blow out. So rather than one huge party, I had two manageable parties. Katie got me this present:
 These are cookies you break up with a mallet...Keep reading. I'll explain it later.
Look at this! Katie decorated for my party! And Jeff jumped out (solo) and yelled "surprise!" It was a surprise because no one else was there yet.

birthday selfie
 YoonHee got me a Pororo cake! Pororo is a popular cartoon character here. August ate part of this Pororo's hat, but then spit it out and put Pororo back on the cake. Sugar/fondant Pororo doesn't taste great. Lucky for us, the rest of the cake did taste good.


On to Katie's gift: the SCHNEEBALLEN. Schneeballen is awesome. You start with a big cookie ball. It's like a waffle cone ball, if you will. This one was covered in chocolate. In the package I got, there were 3 types: chocolate with nuts, chocolate with vanilla frosting and chocolate with coconut flakes.

 You take the Schneeballen you want (tonight I wanted the coconut one) and put it in the provided bag.

At the Schneeballen cafe, wooden mallets are provided. Here, we used our little hammer from Ikea.
 Smash it.
 When you're done, there are bite size chocolate, coconut covered pieces. Delicious!
So far 36 (Korean age 37) is looking good.

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