Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vacation in Thailand (part I): Bangkok

The day after Christmas was cold and snowy. The perfect weather to stay inside and drink hot chocolate OR fly to someplace tropical.

brrrrr. this is the cold, snowy view from our apartment
We went to Thailand! We flew from Seoul to Shanghai for a quick plane change and then we were in Bangkok.
The play area at Incheon Airport
Our first hotel had a beautiful pool and the kids could not wait to get in. Of all the things to forget, I didn't pack Ruby's swimsuit. So Jim took August and Grace to the pool and Ruby and walked a few blocks to the Terminal 21 mall. This mall was pretty and terrifying. The mall was like eight or nine stories and the escalators go right up the middle.
Pretty lights at Terminal 21
Each floor in the mall is labeled a different location in the world.
This floor was San Francisco.
It was surprisingly difficult to find a store that sold children's swimsuits, but we finally did and went back to the hotel to swim.

On Saturday, the girls and I went to the Chatachuk weekend market. This was the most amazing market I've ever been to. We could have spent days there. It had everything:
super fresh, amazing smoothies
pants for dancing
button shoes
neon signs
There were so many artists there. The art was amazing. I found a picture I liked and I bought it....then carried it with me all over Thailand. Totally worth it.
This is mine
    We had a great time, but getting this art and meeting 
the artist was the highlight of the trip to the Chatuchak market.
You should know, however, this market is not for everyone. Jim, for example, would have hated it. It was everything I love about shopping (subsequently, these are also the things Jim hates about shopping): lots and lots of stores, bargaining, so many shops that I had to ask someone how to get out to get back to the metro, hours and hours of shopping.

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