Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thailand vacation Part II: Koh Samui

Why go anywhere else in the world? We had part of our honeymoon in Koh Samui 11 years ago. We debated where to go for this break, and while we wanted to see something new, we really liked Samui. This time we stayed further south than before and this part was more "family friendly". There were lots of families at the resort we stayed at.

There's not much to say. We went to the pool and beach every day. We ate tons and tons of good food.
Grace, Ruby, the pool and ocean
breakfast at the hotel
watching them set up for New Year's Eve
Jim and August swimming
New Year's Eve was tons of fun. We started with a big meal at the hotel.

Coconut soup
In Thailand, people let off lanterns for good luck. The sky was filled with them. It was so beautiful. We declined to get one because there seems to be some skill in getting them to lift off and not go skipping down the beach bumping in to people or trees or catching on fire.

At midnight, all the resorts set off huge fireworks. The sky was filled with fireworks and lanterns. It was stunning.
What a perfect way to start off a new year. Go 2014!
Grace got her hair braided. She was so excited. I finally made her take the braids out today. This is not just a tourist fad for her, I think she'd like to have these all the time.

These are my favorite pictures from the whole trip (they are of Ruby):

This is the view from the massage place.

The week went by so fast. While it would be nice to have more stamps in our passports and really explore the world, I just can't imagine a better place to be.

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