Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas this year was great. We were actually done shopping before Christmas Eve (this is entirely because I let Jim off the hook for shopping this year and he still managed to get me great gifts that I picked out myself).

Christmas Eve started with some errands. I feel like I've entered a more advanced level of expat living because I got the emissions checked on my car. What?! In Korea, cars here keep their license plate for the life of the car. Emissions are checked every 2 years, regardless of who owns the car. I got an official looking letter in the mail a few weeks ago and took it in to work to have it translated. I followed the map Reeon at work sent me and found the place without getting lost. It turns out an emissions place looks just like it does in the states. It was the same as in the U.S. except there was no line.

Then I prepared for our Christmas dinner with a trip to Emart. I bought two pork roasts, potatoes, cream ,butter, broccoli and the whole shebang. So many opportunities are opening up to us now that we know how to use the oven. 

After all the prep work, I took the girls for ice skating at Garden 5 with their friend, Danika. Garden 5 is a huge mall with an ice rink in the middle. It's $1 for an hour for kids and skate rental is $1. Helmets are free and required, no matter how ill-fitting.
looking up from the ice rink

Ruby, Danika's mom and Danika
After, we went inside and had hot chocolate!
When we got home, the kids opened their new pjs (a Farley tradition) and made brownies for Santa. Again, knowing how to work one's oven really helps with Christmas prep.

Testing them to make sure they're good enough for Santa.
Santa did come. He brought lots of fun presents and on Christmas night, we had a very familiar and delicious pork roast with mashed potatoes. It was a great Christmas. Maybe this will inspire you to come visit Korea next year!

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