Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ballet Lessons

 Recently, Grace took an interest in ballet. She got a book from the library and made up her own "ballet" moves. She really wanted to take lessons, and then Ruby became interested to, so because I am an awesome mom, I looked into it.

First, I had our faculty support guy Reeon make some calls, but the place he found didn't fit with the school schedule. Then I found out that in Korea, every department store has a "cultural center" that offers ballet classes (and presumably other cultural classes). Let me take a minute to explain what a department store is like here. So you know how Macy's has maybe 3 floors? Department stores here all have about 6 levels. In the basement of every department store is a grocery (usually a fancy one) and most have a food court a floor below or above the grocery. Then each level has different little stores focusing on a specific type of store. For example the first floor is usually makeup, the second floor might be women's clothes, third mens, fourth kids, housewares and so on. It's kind of confusing because some of the stores are in defined stores-like they have walls around them, while others just have a sign over an area that says "United Colors on Benetton" or "Baby Gap". On the top floor (I've heard) are the cultural centers.

I had a Korean staff member call and find out about ballet class. Guess what?! It's only 50,000won for 8 weeks. The girls were nervous about their first class, but their teacher is bilingual and hands out stamps and stickers, so they had a great time.

Now each Saturday afternoon I get an hour to shop around the housewares department at the 2001 Outlet in Miegum while the girls dance. I love this store. I mean, just look at this rug!

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