Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nearly Christmas: Week in Review

This past week has been filled with parties and cookie eating. Lots of cookie eating. Mostly by me.

First was the Seoul Campus white elephant party. Last year, the biggest hit was the framed picture of our principal. Look what I got this year-two framed pictures of the principal.

I wasn't the only lucky one. You see, last year, our PE teacher, Jared got the picture of the boss. Before Jared moved back to the U.S., he secretly passed this on to me to make sure it got back to the white elephant party. Sooo, Holly also got a framed picture of Mr. Rich! How lucky. I can't wait until every present opened at the party is a framed picture of Patrick Rich.

Later in the week was August's winter concert. August and I attend a weekly mommy and me-type music class at school. I knew he knew all the songs, we sing them at home and in the car all the time, so I was excited to see him sing. I was so excited that I tweeted out this picture before the show started:

The first thing I noticed, however, is that when the curtain opened, August stood there with an untucked shirt. At first, I thought that was surprising. Soon, though I realized the untucked shirt was the least distracting part of August's performance.

Here he is after the show. The clip above is a minute and a half sample of the twenty minutes he was on the stage. But look how happy he is about the performance:

I asked him how he thought he did and he said "good!" I left it at that.

That night, as the snow fell, I met up with some friends for a cookie exchange. The group consisted of 2 Australian women who had never been to a cookie exchange and 3 other American woman (2 who are from Denver!). The cookies were so good. Especially the Anzac biscuits. And the peanut butter blossoms. And, ok, they were all good.

Finally, today was the family party for KIS staff kids. Just like last year, Santa came and gave out gifts to the kids. August was so excited that he couldn't stop running up to Santa and talking directly to him (while the rest of the children sat quietly). He was almost literally bursting with excitement.
photo by Kristy Fitzgerald

Santa started by reading a story to the children. before you watch this, you should know that August is just talking crazy talk, of course there's magic in Korea.

                                 photo by Kristy Fitzgerald
Here's Ruby with Santa
August with Santa

Lego set!
Grace with Santa
                                   photo by Kristy Fitzgerald

The party was great. We ate lots of treats and were surrounded by good friends. Just another week until vacation!

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  1. I love how August lay down on the floor and put his feet on the seat during the performance!!!! It's been a fun week for the Farleys!!!

    On the link about Anzac biscuits I noticed that by law they aren't allowed to be called cookies .... funny!!! Mind you, any one from Australia or New Zealand would NEVER call them cookies anyway......