Sunday, December 1, 2013

American Thanksgiving in Korea

As you know, last week was Thanksgiving in America. Last year Thanksgiving was a diffucult holiday for me. This year the school gave us a half day off on Thursday and all of Friday off. This was a very welcome change to the schedule. And, as it turns out, between friends and the two campus', I ate 4 thanksgiving dinners. It. was. amazing.

The first was a private party with friends. Two turkeys were smoked on the grill for hours and hours and hours. This thanksgiving meal was with good friends and done pot luck style. So much good food. It was a treat. And just like being at home: families all packed in together, eating, the kids all playing together in the playroom, a couple guys falling asleep on the couch after dinner-it was a very familiar feeling.

The next dinner was the big dinner for all the staff and their families at KIS, held at KIS. The food was good, but they ran out of pie. PIE, the best part.

The next Thanksgiving meal for me was at the Seoul campus. Seoul Campus has a tradition of serving the whole school a Thanksgiving lunch. We all eat together and each class presents a song or poem.

 Here's August's class waiting for food. They are wearing "thank you" crowns and each decorated their own placemat.

 Our final Thanksgiving meal of 2013 was spectaucular. It was hosted by Jeff and Anna, two teachers at Seoul Campus. They had us all over to their apartment in Gangnam. We had all signed up to bring something. The food was amazing. I didn't know one could have such amazing, American tasting food in Korea.

Katie, Anna and I made the tablecloths.

Jeff made a turkey with a cinnamon-something brine.
It was incredible.
Here we are

No leftover turkey

Jeff and Anna know how to welcome guests
Then came dessert. People really outdid themselves with the dessert. Kenny made these rich pound cakes, Joslyn made individual pecan pies, Kristina (a Canadian) made cookies and a concoction of marshmallows covered in chocolate, others covered in peanut butter. I brought a Costco apple pie and 2 pumpkin pies. Meredith made apple crumble. We all ate until we felt sick. It's the American way.

 In the spirit of this blog entry, I leave you with this video of August enjoying his KIS Thanksgiving meal:

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