Saturday, October 26, 2013

The year of the second floor

It's been about a month since I've posted anything. It feels like there's nothing that interesting to blog about. Last year everything was an adventure, this year we're slipping into Seoul-as-home. My friend Katie has referred to this year as the "second floor year". In Korea, everything is built up. Buildings have stores all the way up and the signs for these stores also go all the way up the side of the building. This is the year that we already know what's right in front of our faces and now we can look around and see what else is here. Have I done that though? No. We have started living here like it's home-we go to work and come home. We drive places without having to concentrate on how to get there. We have favorite restaurants. This year has felt more like "normal". I do have some pictures of a few things we have done in the last month, however. Basically, here's a summary of the last month:

There was the KIS scavenger hunt. We had a team of me and Jim, Katie and Adam and Anna and Jeff. Anna and Jeff are new to my school this year. Anna is August's teacher and Jeff is the P.E. teacher. I think the reason we didn't come in first, however, is that Katie got shingles and wasn't able to participate. Thanks a lot Katie.
All participants at the starting line
the blue team (L-R: Anna, Adam, Jeff and Jim)
One task was to collect items in Nandaemun (a shopping area): nylons, socks, money boxers, a touristy t-shirt, a hat, eyewear and an accessory. One team member had to wear these items for the remainder of the race. It was me! At the end of the race, our team won $50 for having the best outfit!

On a different Saturday, the kids and some friends and I returned to Hongdae. We went to the art market and visited the Hello Kitty Cafe. It's kind of touristy, but it was fun.
outside the Hello Kitty cafe

the men's room

sooo pink

All kitty


My latte

August is learning new vocabulary words. Here, he demonstrates that he doesn't know what optional means. He wore this sweatshirt and was mad about it because he would look like a girl. When I asked him why he wore it at all, he shouted "because Grace said it was optional!".
I'm so supportive that I took a picture

Another I-live-here-now victory is that I took all the kids with me to Dongdaemun (that's the first victory) on the bus (2nd) and we got in and out with everything we needed in 1 hour (3rd) and made it home on the bus (4th). Normally I go to the 5th floor for my fabric, but this time I was re-covering this glider I bought so I needed dec weight fabric.
I found this place!!!

This is their sign so we can all find it in the future.
Help me!

that's better!

Also, last week Grace fell off her bike and needed 7 stitches in her leg. The cut was deep and disgusting. She is healing well and all the kids are ready for trick-or-treating today!
Coming up:
Apple Festival
Jim's in Singapore right now!
Peppero Day
Xmas vaca: Return to our honeymoon location of Koh Samui

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  1. Hi there..nice blog.thanks for sharing lots of stories and pictures.will definitely follow ur blog.i just arrived in seoul more than two weeks with three small kids.looking forward to see more stories for me to have ideas what to do here.cant wait to gonto brother sewing machine is still in the container...alright take care.