Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Junk Art Festival in Suwon

Last week the kids and I visited Suwon. Suwon is south of where we live in Suji. For those of you in Denver, it's kind of like Seoul Campus (where I teach) would be on 16th Strett Mall, GoodMorning Hill (where we live) would be Littleton and Suwon would be Douglas County. I think.

We went to Suwon because our friends the Trotters have family in Suwon and knew there was a "Junk Art Festival" happening and invited us to come along. Suwon is very cool. The old part of the town is inside a huge fortress-like wall that goes all around the city. There are lots of cute shops and a huge park with a Buddha statue and some temples.

Ruby and Gabriel get water from a natural spring
The "Junk Art Festival" had things for sale that were handmade or recycled art and there were crafts to do too.
The side of this building is covered in chalkboard paint.
At the top it says "before I die, I want to..." There is chalk available
for you to write your answer. Interestingly, they were all written in Korean,
so I have no idea what any of them say.
Cool lantern made with painted paper cups
Butterfly wall art made from soda cans

This guy was dying fabric on the spot
I decorated a leather bracelet for myself. They provided a strip of leather and these decorative metal things that you pound into the leather to make an indentation for a design.

Then I got to pick the color to dye my bracelet. I chose green.

Ruby, Lia and Grace chose to make dolls out of paper.

There was face painting, or in our case, arm painting. August requested a "yong" (dragon).

While August was getting his arm painted, there was a drum show. It was pretty amazing.

Grace and Ruby each got flowers, (which was a bit of a step down from Grace's original request of a butterfly flying off of a flower on to a rainbow).

Fall is a wonderful time to be in Korea, yeah festivals!

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