Friday, September 20, 2013

G Dragon Exhibit in Gangnam

As we've said before, G Dragon is a Kpop artist from Seoul. Remember recently I went to the concert. Well because Korea and I can't get enough of G Dragon, there was an exhibit at a local art gallery that was all G Dragon-and it was free if you showed your ticket from the concert! Even though I seem like a superfan, my friend Katie is an even bigger fan. You know who's a bigger fan than Katie? My son, August. For example, this summer we went to a restaurant that had kids karaoke on Tuesday evenings. There were a lot of Taylor Swift songs being performed. A. Lot. And then there was August, with Get your Crayon:
Many, many tween girls sang Taylor Swift songs.

Instead of becoming more nervous watching the other
kids, he got more excited, asking me if it was his turn yet.
"get your crayon"
"why so serious?"
Now back to present day. Superfans Katie and August and regular fans, Bonny and I split a taxi to Apgujeong Rodeo

and arrived at the Cais Gallery.
August pointing to the huge picture of G Dragon

(L-R) Superfan Katie, regular fan me, regular fan Bonny
Superfan August 
We were not allowed to take pictures inside, so I will tell you about it the best I can. G Dragon has been photographed many times, and he has been in several magazines. The exhibit took up all 2 floors of the small gallery. Most of the pictures were (I think) from magazine shoots he has done. Did you know G Dragon has been featured in Korean Vogue three times?! Those pictures were there, some pictures that were taken of him and his group Big Bang. It was really great. August loved it too-surprisingly, he was very quiet and looked at all the pictures.
In the basement of the gallery, there was merchandising for sale. Prints of every picture featured of the gallery were only 8,880won (about $8). Did you know that 8 is G Dragon's lucky number?!
August shows someone the picture he picked out
August poses with his picture of G Dragon
 Here are the pictures we purchased:
Katie got this one
August got this one
I got this one
August has spent the last few weeks talking about how he's going to be G Dragon for Halloween. But which look? So many to choose from! We'll keep you posted.

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