Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We each caught a fish THIS BIG

Jim and I went on a fishing trip today! The Miss Avalon takes 2 trips per day out to the Atlantic Ocean and we went out on the 1:00-5:00 trip.

Jim on the boat 
Irish on the boat
Look in the background-that bridge is opening just for our boat!
 We rode out on the boat for about 45 minutes. We were far out, but we could still see the shore, which made me feel better. After driving, the boat was anchored and we got started fishing. The two teenage "mates" who worked on the boat came around and baited our hooks for us-but only the first time, after that Jim and I were independent fisherpeople.
 going out to sea
dinner must be out there
Jim was the first person on the boat to catch a fish! It was a sea robin. Because it was so small he had to throw it back, but before he did, he had to kiss it. Apparently the person who catches the first fish has to kiss that fish to bring good luck to the boat.

Jim kissing the fish
I was the next one to catch a fish! I also caught a sea robin. It was slightly bigger than the one Jim caught.
me and the fish
The fish is getting a little to flippy for my comfort
Soon after Jim and I cleared out that section of the ocean, we pulled up our reels and the boat drove to about 3 new locations where no one caught anything. Finally we went to another spot and Jim caught a sea bass!

 Jim's second fish was just a little too small to keep, so he threw it back.

What a great day trip. Even though we didn't catch any dinner, spending a day on the boat was so relaxing. Yeah vacation!

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