Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Road trip across America: Day 2

This morning we woke up and went down for breakfast at the hotel. It's always funny driving in an unfamiliar place at night in the dark and looking out in the morning to see where you are. It turns out we were sleeping next to a buffalo farm.
August was excited to see these "hippopotamuses"
and told us that you shouldn't feed them after midnight
We got on the road shortly after 8. Again, we took notes.

Captain August says "Arrrrg"

Mile 787, 8:45am: Missed the "Welcome to Missouri" sign-stupid campera

St. Louis
Mile 806, 9:04am: Traffic stopped   9:07am: passed the tow truck
9:55: Irish has set a goal for herself to learn all the words to Bust a Move. Dare to dream.
10:55am: Visited the world's slowest McDonalds (slower than the one at Sunae) and switched drivers
Mile 1000: we're 33 miles East of Kansas City
11:15: After reading a billboard advising women about the signs of ovarian cancer (stiffness, stomach pain, need to urinate), Jim determines that he has ovarian cancer
Kansas City

Mile 1020, 1:03pm: Switch drivers.
Mile 1059, 1:40: Grace says "Why can't we fly to Denver? Why can't dad just drive back again and we fly?"
Mile 1074, 1:53pm: The first sign for Denver! 560 miles away
Mile 1118, 2:47pm: Kansas goes on FOREVER
Topeka, KS

Mile 1204, 3:59pm: So tired. So bored.
Mile 1289, 4:59pm: start playing "The Kansas Game" (a trivia game that I made up)
5:19pm: Move on from "The Kansas Game". Ruby didn't lose well. I'm bored and hungry.
Mile 1362, 5:53pm: August keeps asking over and over if we're there yet. I think he's hoping we'll give up eventually and say yes.
5:55pm: Even NPR is boring in Kansas
Are we there yet?

Seriously, are we there yet?

Mile 1378, 6:05pm: Stop in Oakly, KS for dinner, gas, switch drivers.
6:35: driving again. It all looks the same!
(*to prove a point, we took pictures driving in Kansas throughout the day. These pictures were taken hours apart.)

Mile 1450, 7:30pm: COLORADO! Goodbye Kansas, you won't be missed.
Mile 1500, 7:05 (new time zone): exactly 2 fm radio stations come in-barely.
Mile 1580, 8:10pm: Mountains! Sunset.

Mile 1617, 8:35pm: We're in Denver!

Mile 1637, 8:55pm: HOME


  1. Jim I'm real sorry to hear about your illness but I must say I saw it coming.

  2. You both are so hilarious! A belated welcome back to Denver! Judith