Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road trip across America: Day 1

After a perfect night at Hershey Park with Jim’s parents last night, we headed out this morning toward Denver. 

Our initial plan was to take 3 days, but we felt abitious, so we’re trying to do it in only 2 days. The trip from Hershey, Pennslvania to Denver, Colorado takes 24 hours. So it comes down to a choice between 3 long 8 hour days or 2 long 12 hour days.
Ironman is ready to go

We took some notes of our trip along the way. 
Mile 5.6 (9:12am): August asks, “are we there yet?”
9:13 we got onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Let's get started
Mile 22 (9:25am): Grace asks, “Mommy, when is it going to be lunch time?”
Mile 31.6 (9:33am): August asks, “How much minutes are we going to get there? Where are we? Which country are we in?”
Mile 125: Alleganey Tunnel

Mile 179.8 (11:44am): Finally get off the Turnpike and onto I-70, where we will be for the next 20 hours. 
Made it to I-70!
At noon we switch and I drive and Jim takes the notes
12:01: Irish almost runs over a lady in the McDonald’s parking lot
Mile 215 (12:45pm): Irish foolishly talks about donating her body to sciene. I get her right-tell her in the long distant future when such decisions need to be made I will spread her ashes in locations all over the world.
Mile 233.9 (1:02pm): August correctly identified the band pefrorming Get Lucky on the radio, “Daft Punk” not ‘Groover’. At the same time we enter the state of West Virginia

difficult to see through all the rain, but this
says "welcome to West Virginia"
Mile 248: In Ohio. Heavy rain while I sleep.

Mile 340 (2:50pm): Irish almost hit 2 cars!

3:02: August corrected himself: “It’s Daft Groover.”

Mile 360 (3:10pm): pass Columbus, Ohio-home of The Ohio State Buckeyes
3:55 (392) Switch drivers

Mile 472 (5:03pm): Enter Indiana, home of my people.

Mile 545 (5:22pm): Exit I-70 for dinner with my extended family!
My Uncle Steve and Grace playing a game 

My Aunt Ruth

Uncle Steve and Grace pondering possible
names for the new Royal baby

Ruby and my cousin, Susan
Ali and my Uncle Jim

The Clevengers! (Dad's side): Susan, Ali and Jim
The Routzahns! (Mom's side): Steve and Ruth

7:30pm: Back on the road
7:45: August falls asleep
7:50: Grace falls asleep

Indianapolis, Indiana
Mile 626.4 (8:53pm OR 7:53pm) Enter Illinois-the place of my birth and the land of Abraham Lincoln. 

Welcome to Illinois

8:04pm: The sun sets

After that, it was too dark to take notes on the drive or take any pictures. We pushed on and made it to some where East of St. Louis. Tomorrow we'll get an early start and hopefully the drive will go as smoothly as it did today and we'll be sleeping at home tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

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  1. You ate at Cracker Barrel! That makes me want pancakes...