Sunday, July 28, 2013

My one Red Rocks workout of the year

Our time is winding down, and for my last Saturday in Denver, I had to get a Red Rocks workout in with my buddy, Jody. Red Rocks is an outdoor amphitheater, you probably remember it from John Tesh's best selling album, John Tesh, Live at Red Rocks

Who wouldn't want to workout at this place?! It's beautiful! Here are some pictures I took pre-workout:

 And I get to workout with Denver's best personal trainer, Jamie Atlas aka Bonza Bodies aka  LiveWell Colorado Rally Man aka 9news fitness guy aka Denver Post fitness expert aka Channel 31 fitness guy. You get the idea.
Jamie, taking a break from signing autographs to teach a class
The view from the bottom, we park at the there's no choice, to get home I have to go up.

car is at the top. car is at the top. car is at the top. must make it
or I'll be stuck here forever
Jody and I made stretching look so lovely, don't we?
Jody and I finished by getting lunch at a cafe in Morrison. The service was terrible, but the decor was fantastic.

See you next summer Red Rocks, I'll remember you each time I listen to my John Tesh Live at Red Rocks album!

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