Tuesday, July 9, 2013

At the beach!

Jim's parents brought the whole family to Avalon, New Jersey. This isn't the gym-tan-laundry Jersey shore you might be familiar with. This is Avalon, the fancy part of New Jersey.

We caravanned down in 3 cars from Jim's parents house in Hershey, Pennsylvania. FYI, don't drink a Venti skinny mocha from Starbucks followed by a large diet coke from McDonald's. There are no bathrooms for a VERY LONG TIME in VERY CONGESTED SHORE TRAFFIC. It was a close call, but everything turned out alright.

 After a few hours, we were here. The kids love the beach, but Grace has a particular adoration for the ocean. She has her whole life. Yesterday, her Aunt Bridget taught her how to dive under the waves. This morning, Grace said, "If I can dive under the waves, I can rule the waves. If I can rule the waves, I can rule the world. If I can rule the world, I can do anything." What kind of water is in that Atlantic Ocean?

Plotting world domination

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