Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodmorning Hill Gets a Makeover!

Things are changing! Spring is here!

For a few weeks, there were pictures posted in the elevator of our building. Now, there are usually things posted in the elevator. They clip things in to a clipboard that says "Information". It's a tease-the actual information is in Korean. The pictures though, were obvious. There were 2 computer generated pictures of our building. One picture was the same colors as the current (various tans) the second was new and exciting (various grays). I was thinking there would be an HOA meeting or something that I would not be involved in, so I just crossed my fingers that I wasn't the only one ready for the better choice. But I was wrong! My vote did count.

One Sunday, we were at home and there was a knock at the door. Ever since security was called on our noisy children waaaaay back in August, every time the doorbell rings, I'm sure it's happening again. I answered the door anyway and there was a security guard with a clipboard. He had the two pictures-boring and not boring. Fortunately "no" and "yes" are two of the 5 Korean words I know. So I pointed to the less good one and said "아니오" and I pointed to the nice one and said, "!" It turns out my vote won!

The exciting part is watching the painters do their work. They are on a rope and pulley system-with regular, cotton rope-not climbing rope-and a wooden seat. When you look at these pictures I want you to know that these buildings are all 25 stories high and that we are on the 15th floor.

Here he comes

Getting closer

almost here


He's here!

Good work

There he goes

They put large plastic covers on the cars parked below


Here he is in action:

Like I said, spring is here! There are flowers everywhere. It's so beautiful.

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  1. The courageous painter deserves to be paid VERY WELL!