Sunday, May 26, 2013

Go Bears!

We've heard nothing but good things about Korean baseball. Korean's love baseball and there are several professional teams around Korea. I was told that we like the Dooson Bears because they are from the area where we work, Gangnam. Dooson is a massive chaebol (what's that you ask? Well, I asked and Jim explains that a 'chaebol' is a South Korean conglomerate: i.e. Samsung, Hyundai, LG.  In fact, Dooson was rated 4th in the "World's best companies 2009" by Business Week. So there. Dooson is huge).

We went to the game with friends from my school. Jim and the kids met up with us and we took the staff bus from my school to Katie's house and then walked to the subway. Their apartment is only 2 subway stops from the stadium.

The games are very entertaining. There is some sort of dancing or cheer being led at almost all times. Here's a sample of the dancers:
 Here's a sample of the guy who leads cheers:

I like this sign showing which restroom is the ladies room.
Stadium food! This the "love set":
large caramel popcorn and 2 sodas for $8

Jim and I have phones that come with a
little antenna so you can watch TV. Here's Jim watching the
game that is also in front of him.

This is another ballpark treat. So they make a waffle, cut
it in half, put a cream cheese/whipped cream kind of something
in the middle and make a sandwich. Then they roll it in
cookie crumbs. Delicious!

After you finish the "love set" you can use the bucket as a hat.
If you like greasy hair.

More stadium food: Spicy ramen with egg

It's the Dooson bear!!!
It's the Dooson Bear again!
The game was good and the weather was perfect! It was a late night for a school night, but it was totally worth it.

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