Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring in Seoul

On Saturday we went out for a picnic. Miller and Dora wanted to show us the Han River.

Here are Miller and Dora
The Han River is a huge river that cuts through Seoul.
This particular spot is called Yeouinaru (that's a LOT of vowels).
We got there late-the trip took a lot longer than I had expected, so Dora, Miller, Jamie, Rob, Greg and Amalia already had a great spot picked out.

August and Miller
Dora and Grace having a water fight

This was not the only group of people taking pictures of the Farleys
Miller and Dora brought squeaky hammers with bubbles inside.
I don't know that they thought these gifts would be used against them.

There were tons of people out on Saturday. The weather was perfect for hanging out by the river, and the cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom. The street was packed with vendors-hot dogs, rice things, cotton candy and bugs. At most markets, there are huge vats of sautéed bugs. And since I've dyed my hair black and gotten eyelash extensions, I figured this is what's next: eating bugs. This surprises me too considering I won't eat sushi, shrimp or lobster because I think they're disgusting, but here I'll eat a bug? 

Miller explained that these bugs are baby cicadas. They must be popular because these stalls are all over the place-we passed by at least 4 of them just walking along the street by the river- but Miller and Dora said they didn't like them.
I actually paid to do this. 2,000won (about $2)
This is how much $2 will get you.
snails on the left, bugs on the right

I don't know if the sarcasm shows in the caption. The bug (I only ate 1) was not very good. It wasn't terrible, though. The first bite was definitely gross-the insides squished out. But other than that, it tasted kind of like a potato. I won't be ordering any bugs again, but I guess I'm glad I tried it.

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