Friday, April 5, 2013

Business as usual: Easter Edition

Recently, many of you have expressed concern with the craziness of our neighbors to the North (you know, the Canada of the Korean Peninsula, North Korea). I keep telling everyone it's business as usual here, and it really is. Here, I'll prove it. Sunday was Easter, and we celebrated it with Jim's parents and friends here in the ROK.

I'm not sure what the Korean traditions are around Easter. There are plenty of people here attending Christian churches, but there are NO PLASTIC EGGS sold here. Did you know that they don't even sell those plastic eggs in Australia? The Easter Bunny only brings chocolate eggs to Australian children.

Saturday night, Jim and I made a late night trip to HomePlus, which is a British grocery store chain. There were no plastic eggs or Easter baskets, but there were cute cleaning buckets and a variety of candy. We got the buckets, some candy and even found some grass-like paper stuffing in the party aisle. Sunday morning after Ruby woke up shouting "Happy Easter!" the kids had a quick Easter-basket hunt at home and later in the morning we went to the KIS staff kids Easter gathering. This was, like all of these KIS parties, planned so well. Each age group had their own area of the park so search for plastic, candy-filled eggs! That's right, someone brought a ton of these eggs over from the US and used them for this party. Every child was assigned a certain sticker and had to look for the eggs with their particular sticker. That way, each kid got about the same amount of candy. Brilliant, right? All the families brought a dish to share. It's amazing to me what people manage to make here when I seem to only find strange root vegetables in the grocery store (example: Fi brought homemade strawberry shortcake). Anyway, there was egg hunting, eating, hanging out and kids playing. Excellent Easter. (Did you see a missed opportunity for a pun there? You're welcome.)

This park is really close to our apartment

That's me. Did I mention I changed my hair? The color is "Korean Brown" 

2 fisted candy eating

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