Friday, March 15, 2013

August turns 3 (Korean age* 4)!

In the past, we've always had birthday parties at our house. We have a big yard and a small number of people on the guest list (our kids are exclusive like that) and it's always been the better option. Here in Korea, however, we have a small apartment and more people to invite (we're very popular) so the best option is to have the party at a kids cafe. To cut down on the cost, we bundled our party with 2 of August's friends who are also turning 3.

Amy, who's son Jesse turns 3 next month, and I were in charge of goodie bags and bringing plates to the party. I completely forgot about the plates, but Amy and I got together the night before and shopped at the "paper store" in Good Morning Hill. This store has party supplies and office supplies and a few toys. We went to a cafe around the corner and put the goodie bags together. Some drunk men came by and gave us a frozen dessert. It was a red bean flavored popsicle. Red bean treats always look so tasty...sigh.

The next morning, Amy and I went early to set up for the party. It turns out we didn't need to set anything up. They have a room that is set up all the time for birthday parties. There's even a colorful sign hanging up that says "Happy Birthday!"So we decided to test out the trampolines to make sure they worked.

The kids arrived shortly after. August was so excited-it was like he was on a mission to play with every. single. thing. there. And play hard! 
Trampoline Alone!

Cozy Coup!

Ball pit!

Trampoline with a group!
Trampoline with Aliana!

 Here are the birthday kids, August, Aliana and Jesse, ready for cake.

Overall, it was a terrific party. And even though it involved cake and trampolines, only one kid threw up-and it was only a small amount. So our baby is turning into a boy. But for my sake, here's a walk down memory lane.

*Korean age: In Korea, when you are born, you are "1". Then every new year, everyone turns the next age. Example: If someone was born on Dec. 21, 1951 they would be "2" by January 3, 1952.

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