Sunday, February 17, 2013

August's leg is finally free

August got his cast off on Friday. Today (Sunday) he is finally walking again. He spent Friday and Saturday not bearing weight on his foot because he was too nervous, but he's getting better now. He's still limping, but at least we're not carrying him everywhere anymore.

As a tribute, here's a picture montage of the casts.
Cast 1 went on when he first broke his leg. It lasted only a few days but it still got signed by the nursery staff.
Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang

Cast 1, right before it got changed out for Cast 2
The changing of the cast. August never got used to the
super scary saw cutter used to get the casts off
 CAST 2:
Between Thomas drawing a dog on the cast and Amy
painting August's toes blue, the Cabaluna's really made this cast special. 
Here's August, not slowing down at all with Cast 2:

For cast #3, we switched from SNUH to Samsung Hospital, where our insurance is more easily accepted.
They have color choices at Samsung!
This guy is more of an "artist"

He's telling August to hold still

Super scary saw, again

The new, blue cast

Fun with a wheelchair

It was rainy that day
Cast 3 doesn't slow him down either. This is him on a gym scooter.

Finally, the removal of the cast!

All better!

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