Monday, January 7, 2013

What to do in freezing cold Korea

 Some people are saying this is the coldest winter in Korea since 1986. I wasn't in Korea that year, but I think it's colder.
Well, my mom is still in town and she suggested that Jim and I go away for a night or two! Hooray! We decided all we needed was a trip to Seoul. We wanted to stay at a nice hotel, see a movie and get dinner out. Jim made a reservation at the Fraser Suites Hotel in Isadong (Seoul). When we got there, they let us know that they upgraded us. The hotel room was bigger than our apartment! 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen a living room, and American tv shows like Hawaii 5-0. Amazing!

The living room

schedule of the shuttle to Costco

2nd bedroom
the kitchen
 We took the subway to Myeondong for the movie. We saw Life of Pi. I highly recommend it. I liked it so much I want to see it again.

We got dinner at Saffron, a middle eastern restaurant and it was delicious!
Overall, the date was excellent. We slept in until 8:30 Saturday, eventually checked out then got my favorite soup in all of Korea at a restaurant in Insadong. We took the bus home. Success!

Sunday we got the kids out and went sledding. Jesse and August weren't so interested in sledding as much as they were interested in finding sticks.

After all of our fingers and toes were numb, we decided to get some hot chocolate. Jenn recommended we try the lego cafe near Ramiaen. This place is similar to the kid's cafe. It's $5 per hour per kid and they can play with all these different lego sets. 
 Oh, and they also have a train table....
And a play kitchen and doll house...

On our way to the Lego cafe, Jim called and let me know that the car wouldn't start again. Rather than having it jumped again, I called our faculty support guy, Kwancho. Kwancho answered his phone! On a Sunday! Even though I was the one calling! He arranged for us to get a new battery. Here's how it works in Korea: The battery guy comes to you. It makes so much sense. No tow needed.
He has a variety of batteries and all necessary tools in his van.

Now we have a new battery. Hopefully it was the battery that was the problem, because that would mean that the problem is solved. Fingers crossed!

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