Saturday, January 19, 2013

We didn't see this one coming

Saturday morning we spent some time Skyping with the Pennsylvania grandparents and getting the girls ready for Saturday sports and a birthday party. They were running around like usual and August tripped over a pillow. He fell and started crying very hard, he was difficult to console, which is unusual for him. The girls and I left as Jim put on some Bert and Ernie for August and elevated August's foot. 

Grace had a delightful time at Saturday sports:
We had fun at another "kids cafe" birthday party:

When we got home, August still wouldn't put any weight on his foot at all. There was no swelling, nothing strange looking, but he wasn't able to stand. After he took a nap, he still wouldn't walk on it, so we decided to take him to the emergency room. I called my boss to see how this sort of thing works on a Saturday. He recommended we go to the hospital in Bundang (near where we live) and he offered to have us drop off the girls and have his daughters babysit while we went in with August.

Here Jim was explaining what happened. The woman on the right was translating. I asked her a question later and she admitted that she was at the hospital as a patient but that she was a doctor as well.

waiting for the x-ray, eating dad's nose
They checked August, then he went in for his x-ray. Here are the x-rays. You can't see it on the picture, but there, on his left leg is a tiny fracture. 

The cast that he got is pretty substantial. 

These two guys kept saying "No pain. No pain" to August. 

 They re-x-rayed his leg to make sure the cast was setting it in the right place.
I made them pose for the picture
The cast, as you can see, is large. We tried to get as much information as we could, but the doctor (nurse?) who attended to us had somewhat limited English. When I asked the doctor (nurse?) how long he had to wear the cast, he said "hmm, maybe 6 years." Of course he meant weeks. Medical language mix-ups are the most hilarious kind of mix-ups! As we talked, we learned it might be less (more like 3-4 weeks hopefully), we'll know more after our follow-up appointment on Wednesday.

We were back in the room where he got the cast put on waiting to be discharged and a girl came in. They put her on the same bed as August. She had a bead stuck up her nose. (They got it out).

After we moved back to the hall we found the person who had put on August's cast, we asked what we needed to do next, he replied "discharged!" and waived both his hands in the air. So we got our things together and started to leave, feeling slightly confused.  Then, while we were at the cashier paying we got a phone call and a different doctor asked us to come back for clearer discharge instructions.  She gave us the date and time for the follow up appointment, and then told us again that we could go...

Now, we have August in a big cast, he was calling it his "big heavy sock."  There's no way for him to walk for a little while.  He has limited interest in TV as it is, and already watched a lot today.  It is going to be a challenge to keep him occupied.  Fortunately this is probably his last visit to an emergency room, from now on he will be gentle and cautious in all his activities.

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