Sunday, January 27, 2013

Restaurant Street in Jukejong

Friday night Jim and I went out. We decided to do a classic date: dinner and a movie.
We decided to see a movie at the CVG movie theatre at the Sinsegae in Jukejong. We parked next door at emart. Guess what JUST OPENED at emart??? Payless! And guess what?! They have big, American sizes! I never thought we would be able to buy shoes in Korea. Most shoe stores here only go up to a size 8 in women's and a size 10 in men's.

 Jim bought a pair of shoes! I've never seen him this happy buying shoes.

After our success at Payless, we decided to find "restaurant street". We had heard of this from several people and looked it up on the internet. We had a general (and it turns out incorrect) idea of where it was. Since it was very cold, we decided to take a taxi from Emart. This place is adorable. For those of you who are familiar with Denver, it kind of reminded me of a mix between Market Street and Belmar. The restaurants and ascetics were very Market Street, but it's suburban like Belmar.

We got dinner at a pizza place that cooks the pizza in one of those wood-fire-brick ovens.

And, because I can't pass up dessert, we went to a place called My Home that has an amazing dessert menu. We almost ordered a brownie, but the cakes were in the case next to us, and they were too hard to pass up. We got a toffe nut cake/pie and a chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was good, but we both agreed that the toffee cake was amazing. 

This look says "Irish, you ate more than your share of the cake" 
The sugar that was served with the coffee was like rock candy
Once we had gotten there, we knew where we were and how to get back. It was close enough to walk back to the Emart and cut over to Sinsegae for our movie.

From what I've heard, the Korean government regulates how many foreign movies are in theaters at one time (and in this case "foreign" means "American") . I *think* it's something like 25% can be foreign and the rest are Korean films. Korean films are fine-some are good (The Host, anyone?) but they are in Korean. The American films here are just as they are at home but with added Korean subtitles. It's not always fun being at the mercy of the government's arty decisions. I have come up with my own theory that they pick the popular, but not at all good, American movies as to not overwhelm the competition for Korean films. Life of Pi was the exception. But Step Up 4? This is what you're letting in? I rest my case.

I know by this point you're wondering what movie we saw that would fit into this not-very-good-but-popular-American-movie category. We saw Jack Reacher. IN 4D! For a 4D movie the seats move around, the wind blows in your hair and you get poked in the back when someone gets punched. I'm not going to review the movie here, but it wasn't a good movie. It was, however, nice to go to an American movie.


  1. I stumbled on your post and am so excited to see this!!!! So just to clarify, the Payless is in Emart? I need new heels and can never find anything since I am a 10-10.5 :(

  2. Yes. The payless is on the main floor of Emart in Jukejong. Happy shopping.