Thursday, January 24, 2013


I think I've mentioned it in passing, but here in Korea, McDonald's delivers. Outside of every McDonalds is at least 1 motorbike with a compartment on the back for food. These motorbikes are also, of course, red and yellow.

Every Monday we all work until 5:00 for professional development. This Monday some of us felt that coffee was necessary to get through the long day, but I didn't drive that day, so I couldn't run out to Starbucks. That's when I remembered that McDonalds delivers AND they have coffee (AND ice cream).

Since I don't speak Korean, I enlisted the help of our Korean business office to make the call for us.
Justin called. In the picture below, he's informing us that the minimum order for delivery is 7,000won (about $7).

About 15 minutes later our lattes and ice creams arrived. Here is the delivery guy-in his rain gear. It was raining on Monday.

Can you imagine what would happen if McDonald's delivered in the US? Why don't they? Maybe we'll open a franchise this summer and deliver....

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  1. We had McDonald's deliver to our hotel in Cairo, Egypt. It was awesome!!