Monday, January 14, 2013

Mail call!

We got mail! 

This was an exciting day. Usually our mailbox is either empty, or has a bill like this in it:
This is a bill for about $3 I'm not sure what it's for, but I'll pay it anyway
Today TWO things came in the mail! First my new coat. From our previous posts, you know it's COLD here in Korea. I have a wool coat, but that doesn't do anything for this kind of cold. I need a serious coat. Basically I need a sleeping bag with some holes cut out for my arms and legs. I went to a local store called UniQlo, but the sleeves on their coats were so short on me. So I went online and guess who sells sleeping bags disguised as coats? LandsEnd. And they sell them in tall sizes! I ordered this last week and it arrived today! (The receipt says that the jacket was made in China and China's really close to Korea, which is why it must have gotten here in just a week).

Even better? A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM THE ALLENS! All the way from the USA! 
Thank you Kelly, Ross, Ben and Sam, that was awesome.

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