Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lotte World

The other day I happened to find the Lotte World Amusement Park. It's really close to my school. I figured that the best time to check it out would be during break when grandma is visiting.

Lotte World!

Really? This is the logo you're going with? It looks a little familiar.
 Our first stop was the carousel.

 We took a while to get our bearings and we ended up at this very strange Animal Theatre. The play was in Korean but the kids seemed entertained....

 Oh no! No old people? No drunk people? Grandma is out for sure then.

Soon we found some kiddie rides. The lines were shorter and so were the height requirements, so August could fully participate.

Here's a video of the fun (August and Ruby are on the left, Grace is all the way to the right)

We decided to wrap things up and get back to Suji. But then THIS HAPPENED:
 The darn car wouldn't start. This may have something to do with the key being stuck in the ignition. It may have something to do with us parking horizontally and someone moving our car and leaving the key in a more "on" position than where I left it. Who knows. I think this is finally the kick in the pants we need to take the car to the shop and get the key out of the ignition.

Since we're in Korea, and every place seems to be hospitible, it was easy to assemble a team of help. Seriously, I asked a security guard (who was not hard to find) and suddenly I had 3 people trying to help.
 First we tried jumping it, nothing. My team called our insurance and our insurance guy was there in like 20 minutes. He jumped it successfully!
I will leave you with this video. I like to call it "Cotton Candy Is Always A Good Idea"

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