Saturday, January 19, 2013

How people move in our neighborhood.

With everyone living in tall buildings moving can be a little tricky.  Back in November, on the day I was leaving for Singapore, I agreed to help friends move a dresser into their apartment. I thought it would be a 15 minute favor, but it stretched out as we got the thing hopelessly stuck in their entryway.  As the time for me to leave for the airport got closer and closer we were getting pretty desperate so I decided I would use my unusual strength.  I drove my shoulder into the dresser, thinking a few things could happen, the dresser might break, the wall might break, or it might somehow pop in.  Remarkably it did pop in and nothing broke. 

This difficult experience helped explain the way we see moving companies operate here. Instead of dealing with narrow hallways they just go in through the windows. Pretty frequently there will be cranes outside he apartments running things up to the outside windows. A few weeks ago I recorded this happening in a building next door. See below:

So, today people are moving into the place above us.  Irish wrote the other day about the renovations that were going on, and the group of people who came in to our bathroom. During nap time I heard loud noises outside the kids window, and when I pulled up the blinds I saw a crane just a couple of feet away.  Below is the crane, and Grace just barely awake:

Remarkably, Irish once saw a person riding one of these cranes up to a 16th floor apartment, waving to her as he went.  That seems unsafe.

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