Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowpocolypse Korea

Yesterday started out as a normal day in Korea. August had a follow-up appointment scheduled at Samsung, so Jim took the car and I rode in with the boss to Seoul. There was snow in the forecast but in the morning they sky was totally clear. Around lunch time is when the Snowpocolypse arrived. 3 inches 10 centimeters of snow! 10! came down in about 5 hours. A decision was made that the kids and teachers needed to be sent home early. Hooray for me. I have the head cold that's been going around our house and just wanted to be home resting.

We cancelled August's appointment because we knew that traffic would be more difficult. My ride said he wasn't sure when he was leaving but it wouldn't be at 2:30, so I called a taxi. Reasons for making this decision:
 -my boots would not have gotten me down the steep hill to the subway
-I didn't want to stand in a crowded subway for an hour then wait for the bus to get home
-We've taken a taxi from Gangnam before and it was only about $20
-I'm sick, I just wanted to get home
-I was unaware that 3 inches of snow will STOP TRAFFIC in Korea

Looking back, I see that these are the mistakes of an amateur  These are the mistakes of someone who has not lived in Korea during snow. I've been in a taxi from Gangnam during a downpour and, from what I could tell, the taxi driver drove faster in the rain. This is what I expected. I decided I would buckle up and risk it.

Turns out there was nothing to risk. It took me over TWO AND A HALF HOURS to get home. I've never been so happy to have a smart phone in my life. We moved so slowly. And, stupidly, it cost me $46. Ouch. Now I know: endure the subway when it snows.

Normally I take a lot of pictures to blog about, but yesterday I was feeling so run down, I wasn't thinking of the blog. Sorry, I didn't mean to neglect all of you! Just picture it: slushy snow, monstrous traffic, no one moving.

Jim and the kids made it home in no time, which was nice because dinner was nearly ready when I walked in the door.

Jim did leak this video though-so this is what happens when mom isn't home:

August insisted on using chopsticks. We took a video of that.

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