Monday, December 31, 2012

Grandma Visits Korea

First things first-get the kids cleaned up before grandma gets here. I took them all to the Juno Salon. I've never seen August so relaxed.

 Then Grandma arrived! She got here just before dinner time. This left us all enough time to eat together and open some gifts. She is staying at a neighboring apartment (they're out of town and we do have permission for her to stay there) and Grace and Ruby went with her for a sleepover.

Gifts from America!!!

We decided her first stop in Korea should be my favorite place: Dongdaemun fabric market so we could get beads for bracelet making.

look at the beads! We got about a million of these
Get a gooood, close look at these. This is my number one reason to return.
Can you see the princess cat, and the bunny cat fabric?
Right after I took this picture, the woman in the stall across from this said "No picture".

 Dr. Sparkle told me about this bracelet stall. Her directions were perfect-using her hands, she said, "You know how Happy Quilt is here? [motions with hands] The bracelets are just down here [motions with hands]". Turns out, her directions were spot on. We found it with no problem at all! I really wanted to make a dog collar for our dog family members: Charlie, Malika and Rufus, but here in Korea there are only tiny dogs, therefore, they only had tiny dog collars. But we still made bracelets for the rest of us.
Here are samples of the types of bands and
different kinds of letters you can choose from

We wrote down the names, showed her the styles and she put the bracelets together.

Here's mine!
We made it back from Dongdaemun with no problem and got take out from Omama Korean Noodles and Cuisine for dinner. This morning we headed out to the Sandang Flea Market. Too bad it was way too freezing cold to go to a flea market! We were there about 20 minutes before going back to the car. We decided to stop in for lunch at Costco on our way home. Costco is easy-generally. Cheap food that the kids like-easy right? Well on a Saturday, not as easy. I know this, not sure why I ignored all my prior knowledge. It wasn't as crowded as I've seen in the past, but that's not saying much. While we were there, I grabbed the essentials: milk, coffee and peanut butter. We got our food from the cafeteria and went home to eat since there were people everywhere and no place to sit. Even tables with people eating had people standing over them waiting for their table.

We tried to teach Grandma the Wii, and she played about as well as one would expect a grandma to play. I'll leave you to interpret that.

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