Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Parties

This was a busy weekend. We had the Seoul Campus holiday party on Friday, the KIS family party for the kids Saturday morning and the KIS whole staff party (skipped it) Saturday night. What fun. The weekend started early. It snowed again on Friday and they sent kids (and teachers!) home after lunch. This is how excited we all were:

Music teacher Bonny and PE Teacher Jared
The Seoul Campus Christmas party was at Mr. Rich's house. The food was so great- he made a taco bar. I was so full, but didn't want to stop eating because I miss Mexican food so much. I definitely overate. Here are the guys hanging out together.

Maybe I'm not the only one who overate?
 Kenny made fancy drinks. The look on Jared's face says maybe not so fancy? Maybe just strong?
 I think even Kenny things the drink is a bit spicy.

Now for the white elephant gift exchange. I'm a huge fan when it's done right and this one was great. In my opinion, to pull this off you have to have just the right balance of strange with nice.

Here are pictures of the highlights:
These socks are strange AND nice

 Our business director, Jeff, got this very Korean gift. It falls on the "strange" side for the expats, but on the "nice" side for the Koreans. He was very happy with his gift.

dried squid, a meat flavored cheese stick, spam, dried silk worm
larvae and something else I'm not sure about 
This nice scarf was mine for about 5 minutes until Lisa stole it.
 It does look nice on her though. 
 How to explain the next gift. There's some back story to it. See Lisa? She's totally innocent. She had no idea what a "love motel" was. A love motel is basically a motel one goes to in order to cheat on his or her spouse. She booked a motel online when she first got here and it turned out to be a love motel. She said when she got there, she was given this little gift pack (and she re-gifted it to the white elephant exchange).
The love motel kit: 2 Hershey's chocolates,
bubble bath, a toothbrush and a pack of condoms
 Jim and I did very well. He got chocolate covered macadamia nuts and I got these gloves-they look normal but they work with touch screens (ie my smart phone).

YoonHee and Alice, so lucky
Bonny and Kenny spread the awesomeness around with TWO pairs of teeny-tiny swim shorts. 

And the strangest nice gift (or the nicest strange gift) was from the boss himself! A framed portrait. Surprisingly, no one stole this from Jared. I wonder where Jared will keep it? On his desk at work? Or at home?
 I forgot to take pictures of what we gave. I found a beer stein at the Beautiful store and paired that with a Heineken. And for Jim's gift I found a tambourine that lights up when you hit it (also from the Beautiful Store). I paired the tambourine with a $10 Starbucks gift card (although I didn't have time to go to Starbucks so it was just a 10,000 won bill with "this is a Starbucks gift card" written on a piece of paper-can't get more white elephant than that!).

Saturday was the KIS family party. It was great. Santa came!

 August with his new backpack and Thomas book from Santa 
 After the Santa visit and lunch, the kids played games and did crafts.
musical chairs

Jim and August making tops
August's best friend Jesse got a doctor kit that came with these spectacles. 
August giving his buddy a Christmas kiss
By Saturday night, I couldn't do another party. I'm sure it was super fun, but I figured we should quit while we were ahead. We had our own party-we ordered pizzas and watched a movie at home.

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