Sunday, November 4, 2012

This weekend.

This week, Jim went to the Model UN conference in Seoul. I met up with him near Iteawon Saturday night for a night out on the town. We went out for Mexican food. Last time I got Mexican food in Itaewon, I went to Vatos, which I thought was good, but overpriced. So we went to a different Mexican place. This one was not good and overpriced. Oh Mexican food, I miss you.

I mean, it was still had a great time, and really-who comes to Korea for the Mexican food?

Sunday the girls had a playdate on the base. The Army base.

Where do you go on the base, aka "little 'merica"(I just made that up!)? To the play land at Burger King.

 Ah! A bucket of Diet Coke! Don't worry, Grace didn't drink it, I did.
You can't get this size in Seoul. 

Korea is really expensive, the base is not. You can't just go on base and buy things though. We got in via the play date and the one thing I requested before we left was an inStyle magazine. I know it sounds lame, but I really like InStyle and it's $10 at What the Book in Iteawon. So I was able to get my hands on one before we left base!

Since we were up north and the girls needed new shoes we decided to go to H&M. It was in Myeongdong. All I ever heard about Myeongdong is that there's a Catholic church there. Jim goes there almost every Sunday. But he never told me that there's awesome shopping in Myeongdong.

We saw this street food. These are corn dogs with french fries baked fried in

The is the H&M with a kids section, unlike the one that's a block away from this one
This H&M was huge-4 stories. The kids section was on the top floor.

We shopped until we were exhausted and needed to go home. Well, I wasn't exactly sure how to get back to the subway. We wandered into the huge Shinsegae department store.
Ready for Christmas
This Shinesgae is unlike any department store I've ever seen. It's super fancy. It's kind of like if Neiman Marcus had it's own really fancy Whole Foods in it. So it is a department store with high end clothes and a food court and a grocery, but all really fancy.

We made it through Shinsegae which had an exit to the subway. There was more shopping on the way to the tracks.

Since we'd been wandering, I wasn't sure if we were at Myeondong station or a station near it. It makes a difference when using the subway app on my phone. I stopped to ask another foreginer. He turned out to be a French man who arrived 2 days ago. So no dice. I was tired and we got on the train ready to make the transfer at the next stop. We got off at the next stop...which happened to be Myeondong, where I thought we were in the first place. By this point, I started to feel a little homesick. Homesick for Nordstrom, homesick for our minivan and a quick trip to Cherry Creek and back home. We eventually got it sorted out and made it back home.

How can I be homesick when I was shopping at H&M and there was a guy dressed like this on the train:

We're probably related.

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