Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out Patient Surgery for August

Since you've been following the blog, you know that today was August's surgery. Technically he has a hydrocele hernia.
We were scheduled for surgery at 7:00am and told we needed to be here by 6:40am. The girls don't need to be at school until 8, so we arranged for Jay and Nalisha to watch them. Let me say this, though, we had so many options for help with the girls. I sent out an email to some people asking for help with them today (starting at 6am) and every person I email responded that they would be happy to help-every one. It's a good feeling. Jay and Nalisha were selected because they don't have kids, so as far as I can tell they live a life of leisure.

I was right! We dropped the girls off at their place at 6am and they were up and ready for the day, made pancakes for the girls and had an activity of college-making for them. See, only a life of leisure can lead to that kind of entertainment in the morning.

We drove to the hospital in the dark. It's so dark in the morning here right now, and everything looks different in the dark. We made it, though.
Everything else is pretty routine:

We waited in the waiting room

August put on his "doctor" outfit

We went to the pre-op (and post-op) room
 August got an ID tag

More waiting (August talked me into wearing the hat part of the "doctor" outfit)

The nurse asks about allergies and other routine things

August gets his surgery slippers

Needs some room there before this gets fixed up

This is the intern (on the left) and the nurse

They gave him some medicine to make him sleepy, but took him before he was fully asleep.

The next thing I know, we get a text that says "FARELY, AUGUSTINE's surgery begins now"
Jim and I went and got some breakfast and coffee at the hospital cafe. We had just finished eating when  we got the text that said, "Surgery has finished, Pt. will be transfered to PACU. Wait until further notice."

We headed back and waited to see him. We met with the doctor who explained that the surgery went great and we'll come back for a follow up visit next week. He said again that August should be able to resume normal activities and return to school tomorrow!

Once he woke up, we waited a few mintes, got the IV taken out of his hand and we carried him to the post-op recovery room (aka the pre-op room).

 There is a big tv mounted on the wall with cartoons. We had to stay in the recovery room for an hour, just to make sure things were A-OK.

We stopped by McDonald's for a special treat and headed home.

When we got home, we skyped for a few minutes with Uncle Conor, Aunt Bridget and adorable baby Ben. August was climbing all over the furniture, so now I finally believe that the doctor is correct that he can  return to school tomorrow. After chatting with Conor and Bridget, August and I read a couple books on the floor then all 3 of us fell asleep for 2 hours.

(side note: do you see the blanket in the picture? I made my very first quilt last week!)

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