Friday, November 2, 2012

Inside the beautiful store!

Hello from Korea! Specifically, Hello from IBK bank in Korea! This morning I had to run to the bank to do some, you know, banking. I got there right as they were doing their monring chant. Awesome. I shamelessly recorded it. The last time I was at the bank they did the afternoon chant and from what I was told it's the same in the morning. It's something about 'this is IBK. We love our customers'.

Here's a picture of the teller, doing banking things for me

Then, after work, the kids and I met up with Tara and we went to ....wait for it...The Beautiful Store (thrift store)!
We really enjoyed it and we enjoyed being at the store much more than they enjoyed us being there as the children were Shushed twice and I was spoken to in Korean (I'm pretty sure she was telling me my kids were too noisy, but who am I to say? I don't speak Korean, perhaps she was offering to validate my parking? We'll never know for sure).


Ooh! Pants from Gymboree!


Be quiet!
On our way back to the car, we came across another bargain store. I'm not exactly sure what kind of store it is, but they carry Circo (Target), Faded Glory (Walmart) and Old Navy (Old Navy). This woman was less shushey than the Beautiful Store.

We decided to do a quick drive-thru at the Jukejong McDonald's before heading for home.
This poor woman. She barely spoke English and she tried so hard to help us. The cars were lining up...but after many attempts-she got our order perfect!
We were seriously stressing her out
Oooohh and LOOK! Shinsegae has decorated for the holidays!

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  1. nice post, I have been wanting to go to a beautiful store. Maybe I will go without the kids, because if yours got shushed mine will be thrown out for sure.