Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dongdamun fabric market Take 2: Success!

What a weekend. At the end of every weekend, I declare that I won't do anything the following weekend-just hang out and rest. But each weekend I make awesome plans. So no rest yet. Saturday morning Jim and I divided up the kids: Grace and Ruby to Saturday basketball and August to his friend, Milana's, 3rd birthday party at the Kid's Cafe.

August put his name tag on his face
In the afternoon I packed up the kids to head back to Dongdamun. I went before, as I'm sure you remember, and I was overwhelmed with the place itself and underwhelmed with what they had (I couldn't find cotton quilting weight fabric with fun prints). This time I had our faculty support guy, Reeon, call Happy Quilt to make sure they have a shop there and where that shop is, exactly (stall A5215).

Side note. I've noticed Obama's presence here in the last few weeks-giving me a thumbs up as I drive to work each morning. I had a minute to check it out on the way to Dongdamun and pulled over.

 It's a restaurant! Omama Premium Korean Noodles and Cuisine.

I went inside and it's really nice.

Since I was there taking pictures, I figured I should order something. I got the dumplings. 7,000 won, which is a little pricey for dumplings. But guess what? They were delicious!

After getting the dumplings, the kids and I drove to Gangnam to pick up Lisa (she's actually Dr. Lisa Sparks, but the kids called her Dr. Sparkle the whole day).

We got to Gangnam early and Lisa was running a little late, so we had some time to check some things out. Like this hot dog. 

And Stabucksuh (all ready for Christmas!)

And this guy with a little key making/shoe repair shop. We only have 1 key to our car, so I got 3 copies of it. Just in case.

Before leaving. I looked very closely at google maps. The maps make sense, but are basically in Korean. I'm not proud of these directions I wrote for myself. 

Lisa navigated. She had the map up on my computer AND the map with the arrow following us on my phone (and my awesome notes). That's right TWO maps and several post graduate degrees between us. We should definitely be able to figure out how to drive to Dongdamun!

I have to say, I was nervous. Traffic was HORRIBLE. But we found it. I was so excited that we found it. Let me say it again WE FOUND IT!

Bonus-there's parking at Dongdamun. Lots of parking attendants directed us around the block and we finally pulled in to the parking area. This is different. Instead of driving in to a parking garage and going up and around you pull into a car elevator.

You pull the car in and hit PH. The door closes behind you and then you go up.

Here we are at the top!

I'm not exactly sure why this attendant is here, I'm pretty sure everyone knows how to operate an elevator by now, but it's reassuring to have lots of staff at a place that is so huge.

We went down one floor and right there-right off the elevator is the Happy Quilt stall!!!! I was so happy to see them again. 

I had promised the girls we would get some beads. I love these skull beads and they were everywhere at Dongdamun.

We shopped for the next hour, until everyone closed up at 6pm. Now I can't wait to go back. It turns out the 5th floor is the best floor. I never made it up to the 5th floor the last time I went. Now I konw it's the only floor worth visiting. I could spend days on the 5th floor.
When we got back to the car around 6, it was dark. We basically went back the way we came. There was very little traffic and we made it back to Gangnam in only 20 minutes.

Uh Oh
The kids had a nice sleep in the car from Gangnam to our house. Too bad for me, the new copy of the key would NOT come out of the ignition of the car. Jim came down and gave it a try-no dice. (So yes, our car is in the garage with the key in the ignition).

Here's Ruby making some bead jewelry
Thursday night I bought Christmas supplies at Emart Traders: a tree, ornaments and lights. We put them up today.

We decorated the tree while talking with Conor and Bridget on google hangout.

I can't believe I almost forgot to wish you Happy Pepero Day!

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