Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday (returned to Traders. Found the Beautiful Store)

Sunday was another busy day. I piled the kids into the car early and we picked up Nalisha, Amy and Mia. The plan was to a) finally find the Beautiful Store and b) get baking supplies for Nalisha's baking club.

The Beautiful Store is a chain of thrift stores in Korea! Hooray! A thrift store! Their website is in English and Korean. I had my school's secretary, Chloe, help me find the location in Suji. We looked at the map and it was on the same road and Sinsegae and Emart. When we had been at Emart the week before, I looked out the window, trying to find it. I saw a logo on the side of a building that I thought was it. So on Sunday, with a car full of people, I stopped at that building and went up to the floor with the logo. Close, but no-what I saw was a logo for an art school.

On the first floor of the building was a restaurant, I poked my head in to see if they knew where this store was. I looked up the Beautiful Store on my phone and showed them the logo and there was something written in Korean.

The woman told me to wait and got on the phone.

Then her husband (I think) took me outside and motioned for me to get in his car. This is Korea-if I didn't have a car full of people, I probably would have gotten in this stranger's car. I showed him my car full of people and pantomimed that I would follow him.

 He drove us just a few blocks and here it is!

 He even got out of his car. He pointed to the sign in Korean that I'm pretty sure said it's closed on Sundays but open from 10-6 the rest of the week.

Oh thrift store, I've missed you!
On to Emart Traders!
It took a lot of googling to figure out if this place was open on this particular Sunday. As I have mentioned, many stores in Korea are closed every other Sunday to increase foot traffic in the smaller shops and markets. From my search, I have found out that not everywhere uses the 2nd and 4th Sunday rule. Apparently, it's different by city or county or something. Some counties have the retailers decide, so they might close the 3rd Friday and the 2nd Tuesday of every month. We couldn't find any schedule for this Emart Traders, and I had gone last Sunday, so we decided just to drive there and see. And it WAS open! (Maybe they're exempt from the closures?).

Tough call: should I get Traders Marinated Gizzard or the Pork Intestines?

Empty lines at the register!
 We wanted to check out the upstairs (electronics and a pet store). You leave your cart with your paid goods with the security guard and he gives you a ticket for your cart.

The electronics part reminded me a lot of regular Emart. While I like Traders, and think it's a lot like Costco, the upstairs part reminded me of regular Emart. Except it also had a pet store. We all fell in love with this cute puppy.

One more thing about Emart Traders. In my opinion, the rotisserie chickens at Costco are hands down the best deal anywhere (US or Korea). Emart is selling these. They told me it's chicken, but look at those legs, people. That does not look like a chicken.

When we got home, we took naps and then went to collect leaves on the trail. I will leave you with these beautiful images of our children and fall in Suji, Korea.

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