Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween (Part 1)

Saturday was the trick-or-treating event for KIS faculty kids and it was held at Good Morning Hill. Grace had requested a "Halloween date" with Nalisha, so she and Jay came to take them trick-or-treating.
Can you find "Wally"? ("Wally" is what they call Waldo
in New Zeland, England and Australia)
Ruby was a butterfly princess

Grace was a butterfly princess

August was a vampire

all the trick-or-treaters
This event was very well organized. We all met in a central location (covered, since it was pouring down rain) and were divided into groups.  For the younger kids, one parent went out with the kids while the other one stayed at the apartment to hand out candy to the kids. They handed out maps with locations of candy-giving KIS families and building codes, each group was given a different starting point and we were off. 

Here's our group: Back row l-r: Ruby, Grace, Mia
Front frow l-r: Jesse, Alliana, August

trick-or-treating via elevator (pic: Amy Cabaluna)

Best friends Jesse the Lion and August the Vampire (pic: Amy Cabaluna)

Apartments were decorated
Many of the buildings we were trick-or-treating at are connected through
 the underground parking garage, which was nice to keep us out of the rain.

The Hopps went all out with decorations

So did the Trotter's. The sign outside the door
 instructed children that in order to get the candy they had to
wake the mummy (that's Tim under those bandages). 

At the Verenna-O'Connor's, the kids got to play "pin the face on the pumpkin"

 The event was fantastic. And the kids (for better or worse) got TONS of candy. Wednesday they'll have another Halloween party and parade at school.

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