Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sadang Flea Market

A few weeks ago we went to the flea market, but it was closed for Thanksgiving. We went back today. It was glorious! What a flea market. It was huge. I would say it was part flea market, part thrift store, part garage sale and part craft sale. All my favorite things.

Can you tell? This is one of the parts I considered "thrift store" like.
Check out the mannequin head in the back.

I was so disappointed to find that the cassette inside was just a boring English lesson

Shoes from the future!

Adorable handmade items. I bought a tweed flower pin for $3
 After walking around and getting lunch, we found this craft table. The girls could decorate their own doll for $3 each.

Many Koreans will wear masks if they are sick or if they are outside.

start with a plain doll

Choices of hair
Sample doll

This lady literally pushed Amy and me out of the
 way so she could get a picture of our children
Grace's doll 
Ruby's doll. Sorry it's upside down
Here was the "craft sale" part. There were artists there making things as they sold them. This woman paints on hats, bags and shirts. So beautiful!

Overall it was a great experience and I can't wait to go back. I found shoes for Ruby for $1, jeans for August for $2, fun jewelry.  Really it had everything, just as one would expect from a flea market/thrift store/craft sale/garage sale.

Not to over shadow the flea market, but check out my saaaweeet free mart find from today! (not the tv, but the table the tv is on).
Today I will leave you with a short clip of the entertainment at the flea market: tap dancers:

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