Monday, October 15, 2012

Katie's race day

On Sunday my friend, Katie, ran a half marathon and I went out to cheer her on. As some of you may know (or may have witnessed) I LOVE cheering for races. In the past I have cheered for the Colfax Marathon and the Denver Marathon. I even flew to Las Vegas once to cheer on my friend Holly in her first marathon. For most of those I borrowed the megaphone from school so I could be extra-cheery.
At most races there is a professional photographer at the end taking pictures of each runner as they cross the finish, then they email you the picture and try to get you to buy it for a ridiculous price.
Here's one such photograph. This is my good friend Maggie Close looking so tough finishing the Denver Marathon a few years ago.

See me in the back with the bullhorn? That's dedication. Marathon running is one kind of dedication, marathon cheering is another kind of dedication (well I didn't run the whole race behind her like that. Just drove to a few stops along the route and cheered. This finish line was my only actual running that day). And guess what? My new school also has a bullhorn.

I called information (120) and found out that the busses start running around 5:20am and the subways start at 5:30am. I was out at the busstop at 5:20 and caught the 17 to Miegum and got on the subway toward Gangnam where I met the gang: Katie and her husband Adam, Ricki and Asa (Asa was running the race today too).

Katie makes it look so easy to take a bike up an escalator. 

And Asa looks so fancy with the basket cruiser

Here we are crammed on the subway with 3 bikes
Katie's got her game face on

The start was at Seoul City Hall

It seems that in Korea you wear the race shirt on race day (the blue shirts are the race shirts)

Asa and Katie ready to ROCK it!

Group warm up
Adam, Ricki and I decided to fuel up for our cheering by stopping by Dunkin Donuts first.

I got a sweet potato latte. Delicious.
Look closely-there were at least 4 people with their race shirts on
at Dunkin-this was just after the race started. That means that at least 4 people
ditched the race and went to Dunkin Donuts instead!
We each had a bike and rode through Seoul in an attempt to meet up with Katie and Asa and cheer them on as they ran.

The ride was really nice. Many of the streets were blocked off by police for the race. There were a few hairy parts where we were riding with regular traffic.
Adam cheering on the runners
Katie and Asa got a reportedly very painful post race massage

Look at this recovery meal!
Are you kidding me Katie?! She just ran 13.1 miles
and she's taking the stairs rather than the escalator.
After the race we took the subway (with the bikes-not the easiest trip) to Itaewon for lunch. We went to Vatos. Vatos is a Mexican restaurant! I haven't had Mexican food since we left Denver. Oh how I miss Mexican food. The food was delicious, but the portion sizes-come on-the tacos were teeny-tiny. I just exerted a lot of energy cheering for those people running. I need some serious food.

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