Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jeju Island Vacation

Have you missed us? I hope you've taken this week to catch up on old blog posts that you hadn't read yet. Or re-read some of your old favorites. We had a terrible internet connection in Jeju, but now we're back in Seoul and we'll tell you all about our trip!
We got cheap tickets on Jeju air and flew out of Gimpo Airport, which is the smaller, domestic airport. Security lines were empty, so before we got to our gate we bought some pre-flight snacks. The KicKer bar. *Almost* a KitKat. And the Dear My Love candy bars. They were good.

 The flight was a piece of cake. The girls watched a movie on Jim's computer and August watched a movie on mine. About half way through the flight everyone participated in a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament led by the flight attendantes.
 When we landed in Jeju, we made the last minute/best decision all vacation to rent a car. We got a little Matiz with a GPS. We made it very easily to our guesthouse on the South of the island. We put our bags down and went to see what was in the next town over. On our way there we passed this lighthouse.
 We parked and went to the sandy beach (there's only a handful of sandy beaches on Jeju since it's an island that was formed by a volcano).
 The kids didn't have swimsuits on but couldn't help but get in the water. They had a blast.

 That evening after going back to the guest house we divided the children up-Jim and August went for a walk and the girls and I explored the rocky shore.
 August and Jim eventually joined us on the shore as we looked at snails.

Zoom in-August insisted on putting a cup on his head and sitting away from the family.
 Thursday morning, we woke up to this view from our room:
 By the way, we all slept in one room. There was a queen bed, bunk beds and a mat on the floor for August. One wall, as you can see, was floor to ceiling windows. Each morning we would eat breakfast of toast, cereal, yogurt and breakfast salad at the restaurant part of the guest house with this same view.

 On our way back to the beach on Thursday we explored the lighthouse. This sign was outside. What does it say? We may never know. Probably something about how no one should go near the lighthouse since there are secret government offices inside or something like that.

 On Friday, the owner of the guesthouse suggested that we drive to the West side of the island to visit a beach that would be nice for the children. And it was! We got there around 9:30 in the morning and the tide was out. The girls and I walked very far out and it continued to be very shallow with very gentle waves. It was a little chilly, so we decided to do some other things and return in the afternoon.
 August liked this sand for making sand castles.
 While driving around, we came across this little cafe. August really liked playing the piano.
 And Grace made a new friend with this puppy.
 After bonding with the puppy and eating some sandwiches, we drove back to the beach. It still was a little chilly to be swimming. The Koreans surely thought we were totally insane. They were all dressed for hiking-jackets, long pants, boots-and there we were all swimming in the ocean. In October. It wasn't too cold. It was about 70F (or for you non-Americans, about 21C).

We drove back to the guest house and decided to go out to get dinner. On the way there, August fell asleep in the car. And he was so tired that Jim carried him all the way into the restaurant and he stayed asleep. In fact, he slept all the way through dinner. Going on a beach vacation for the first time in your life can be exhausting.
 Today was our last morning here. Before leaving the guest house, we took August to see the construction truck that was working across the street.
 We took the long way back to the airport. There's a highway that bascially ciricles the entire island coast. We took that and just before getting to the airport, we stopped to check out this cave. It was huge, and formed by lava many years ago.

 After visitng the cave, we drove to the airport.
August, seeing if he will fit in the overhead compartment.
The flight home was even shorter than the flight there somehow. It was less than 1 hour. We took the subway home part of the way, and a taxi the rest of the way. We transferred trains at one point and there were people EVERYWHERE. Tonight is the fireworks festival and, from what I can tell, everyone in Seoul attends. All 30 million of them. I guess we'll have to catch that show next Cheusok break.

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  1. Oh the places you'll go....what incredible experiences for the kids!!