Sunday, October 21, 2012

Haircuts at the Juno Salon in Sunae

The girls really needed haircuts. Tara had taken her kids to the Juno Salon and said a cut was only $16 and she got a free latte, so I decided that was a good place to start. The Juno Salon (one of them anyway) is right next door to the kids favorite place, the Little Prince Kids Cafe.
The Juno Salon has a waiting room just for children (I think they want the noise and mess separated from the adult customers). Here are Grace and Ruby in the little waiting room.
 Ruby went first. This guy came in and put a cute smock on her and walked her to the sink for a shampoo.

From what I could tell, this space is for children who are waiting for
                         their parents to finish with a haircut. All the children were playing
           with either a phone or an ipad. I 
believe the ipad was supplied by the Juno Salon.

Will I ever tire of Korean fashion?
 Ruby was getting the Suri Cruise treatment here. 2 stylists blow-drying her hair (I assume this is how it is done for Suri Cruise, anyway).

 I was wondering why I hadn't received my free latte by this point, so I went to the counter and ordered one. This is what they brought out:
By the way, this cost me 3,200won. How did Tara get one for free?!
 The orange juice, crackers and pretzels were for Grace, who was sitting next to me waiting for her turn. I hadn't ordered those, they brought them for her because they are nice I guess.
Next it was Grace's turn.

While Grace was getting a shampoo, Ruby's hair was getting some final touches: a flatiron. So fancy!

 Here's the after!

 Next up Grace was in the chair. Same Suri Cruise treatment, or probably more like Apple Paltrow Martin.

Ruby passed her time by finishing Grace's snack and playing on the ipad.

Here's Grace with her new haircut!
Here's a picture of a man getting a perm. I just found out on Thursday that perms are very popular here. I had honestly thought that some Koreans did, in fact, have curly hair. I have seen plenty of people with curly hair. I thought it was natural. It looks very natural. But when a kindergartener came to school with curly hair on Thursday, another teacher filled me in. Perms on Koreans look great-very different from my experience with perms back in the day.

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