Monday, October 1, 2012

Flea Market: Fail, Other stores: Success

We get the Korea Herald, the local English newspaper. Last weekend, there was an article about flea markets in Seoul. Yeah! I love flea markets. They had a map in the paper, so I found the one closest to us and it is every Saturday from 9-3. I sent out an email to see if anyone else was interested in going and by Saturday there were 4 of us ready to go. Kathryn drove us in her super minivan and we made it there with no traffic and only a few u-turns. It took some asking directions and finally we were close to where we thought the market would be. It was supposed to be near a certain subway station and we finally just went down to the station's information center to ask. 
Calling for information
Here's a tip for all you non-Korean speaking people living in Seoul. Call 120 then press 9 and you will get an English speaking person who can give you information in English! It's that easy. These guys called 120 to find out if the flea market was open that day. They found out that because it's Chuseok (more on that later) it wasn't open. I'm pretty sure we were there the ONLY Saturday that it's not open for the whole year. Now we'll know where to go next time. Just in case, I had the English speaking guy write "flea market" in Korean for me. 

Since we were all kid-free and out for shopping, we decided to check out a place we had heard was good: The 2001 Outlet. Sounds awesome doesn't it? Jenn has lived here for years, so she recommended it to us. It's in Miegum, just above Kim's Club. 2001 is a department store. Kim's is in the basement, then each floor has a different speciality (women's clothes, men's, kid's) and at the top is housewares. I'm so glad she showed us this place! They had decorative things, rugs, furniture and there was much more selection than Emart and cost either the same or less. Think Bed, Bath & Beyond but without the 20% off coupons.

I've had a hard time finding lamps that I like.

Look! This is the bedroom set that we had at home

I went away with a vase for the bedroom, serving dishes and throw pillows-overall a huge success. I'll go back soon to check out the kids clothes. 
While I was out shopping, Jim took the kids to the zoo. When he got back, August was asleep in the car so he picked me up and we decided to checkout Emart Traders. I saw this a few weeks ago when we got lost looking for the used furniture store. I had read on the internet that it was Emart's version of Costco. We found it right away and pulled into the parking lot. I'm not sure if I've told you about the parking garage at Emart. As far as parking garages go, these are so efficient. See the red lights above these cars? That shows you that those spaces are taken. 

So you drive around looking for the signs:
 This sign shows that there is 1 space available in this row. You look for the green light above and that's where the space it.
 Emart Traders is great. It is just like Costco but closer to our house and, I think, more affordable. They had a lot of American products. But they did not have peanut butter or deli meat, so we will continue to get those from Costco.
 This week is Chuseok, as far as I can tell, this is the biggest holiday of the year. Traditional gifts are chestnuts and, very popular, Spam.

 The Seoul campus of KIS is on the 4th and 5th floor of a building. The other floors are occupied by a preschool. Look at all the children in traditional Korean clothes called Hanboks. They're so cute.

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