Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall is here in Korea

Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the air is crisp and cool. After the incredibly hot and humid summer, it is more than a welcome change.

Here's a hilarious game for Fall: collect leaves then dump them on your mom:

Here's the prettiest part of my drive to work:

 I was scrolling back through the beginning of our blog and looking at the pictures we put up of our apartment in July. I realized we've done a lot to make our apartment a home, but no one really knows that because you haven't come to Korea to visit us yet! So here are some pictures to get you by until you cough up the $1700 for a plane ticket to Seoul.
the kitchen is mostly the same, but we turned the table to make
more room and I finally framed these pictures, although
I've been buying the black frames at Emart
one by one, as you can see I'm waiting for just one more black one...

Our family room
The other side of the family room (look at the new couch and chair!)

the girls' bunk beds. I got these wall stickers off of
August's side of the room looks much more plain...but
he's been very "toddler" lately and any wall sticker needs to be out of reach

part of our bedroom. The bed was not made today, so there's not a picture of it.

The play room! And-behind the playroom is my new sewing room!

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