Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Yesterday we went to Everland, an amusement park that is somewhat similar to Disney Land.
We went with 6 other families and we caravaned from Good Morning Hill. Everland is not really that far from here at all. We had the good fortune to have Tam (not sure how to spell Tam's name, but it is pronounced "Time") in our car. Tam is in 7th grade and is from Thailand. His dad is a counselor at Jim's school and Tam is the nicest 7th grader we've ever met.

We made it there and back without getting lost!

Everland was running a special this week for foreigners, so all 5 of us got in for $92 (August was free).
We wanted to get to the big roller coaster first, so we walked briskly to the other end of the park, but made some stops in Zootopia along the way.
These monkeys were eating apples and, coincidentially,
             so were all the kids. The monkies looked as curious
about the kids as the kids did about them.
Canine Villiage looked promising...

Until we saw the "trainer" hitting the dogs over and over with a stick. It was troubling.
There she is "training" that poor white dog. Ruby just looked at this picture and said "they're afraid of her because they she is smashing them and hitting them with that pointer." Grace replied "I wanted to adopt them all. I would have been a better owner"
That's the only downer part of the blog. Onto a lighter note: polar bears.
By the time we made it to the giant roller coaster, the line was 100 minutes and the "fast pass" option was already closed. So we kept going. The girls and dads went to see a 4D movie, while August, Jesse, Tam and the moms waited outside (because it was 4D, there was a height requirment).
Next we found the train.

Then we went to the carousel. On each ride they play a song and the ride operators have to do a choreographed dance. They play the SAME song over and over and over. I have the song stuck in my head now and I only rode the ride once and walked past it twice, if I worked there I would have to wear ear plugs.

Ruby and Cantima (Tam's mom) on a ride

Grace on a ride
They don't have this at Disney World (well, they probably do at the Tokyo Disney)
We finished our day with the "Madagascar Live" show. It was really good. It was all in Korean, but lots of singing and dancing and lights. Singing, dancing, lights = universal good time.
We weren't allowed to take pictures until the end. The end was the best part: Billions of pieces of confetti. 

Just when I thought we were headed back to the car. The parade came through. We had to stop and watch it, obviously.

We made it back to the front entrance the best way possible-the gondola ride.

And then Jim drove home as I navigated. We made it home without getting lost, stopping for directions or doing U-turns! (And all the kids were asleep in the car as we pulled out of the parking lot).

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  1. Oh my word, Grace is looking sooo much like Irish....