Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Tuesday night was the first night of sewing club! Should I have put an age limit? Yes. Should I have capped the number at 8 kids. Yes. Did I do these things? No. So I have 13 students from 1st through 5th grade and 4 sewing machines. I'm have a real Tim Gunn "make it work" moment here. I survived the first week, and things actually went well. I had them cutting out their patterns.

 Then they chose which fabric they wanted for their a) skirt or b) messenger bag. They were able to select a few fabrics by putting a sticky note with their name on it and placing it on the fabric they want. All those sticky notes gave me a few heart palpitations because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough fabric but I think we're going to be fine.

Oh and sewing club put me in a right-time-right-place situation. Our Korean business staff works until 5:00 every day (I should say they work until at least 5:00) and this night they were having a little birthday party for our school nurse, Raina. Yeah! A party!
I ate one of these corn dogs that were made by cooking club. (very easy to make: take some bread, cut off the crust, roll it around a hot dog, dip it in egg, dip that in panko bread crumbs then bake it!)
 I did NOT eat this. Blood sausage. Get a good, close look at this. There's pig lung in there. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure pig lung is very likely in hot dogs, but it's just so visible here. And, really, the name blood sausage...

Jeff and Don! (They loved the blood sausage, by the way)

The principal, examining the blood sausage

Bruce, eating blood sausage. He loves it. And look in the backgound-the birthday girl, Raina

This is a spicy rice thing. The things in there
that look like hot dogs are made of rice.
 I can't remember the name. Very good. Very spicy.

yum! Cake from Paris Baguette! The red things on
 the side are chopped up dried strawberries. 

As if that wasn't enough food, we stopped on the way home for takeout because I still have to feed a horde* of children at my house. We went to Pho Bay in between Sunae and Miegum. The take out was OK. Looks like a nice place to eat.

 While we were waiting for take out, we got Starbucks. Look how fancy this one is (below). I got a salty-sweet hot chocolate, which I thought was something I could blog about being exclusive to Asia. But it's not. I looked it up, you can get it anywhere. I highly recommend it.



 [hawrd, hohrd] noun, a group of hamsters. Example: Addie, the principal's daughter, got a "baby" hamster one week ago for her birthday. Weren't her parents surprised when the hamster had a horde of baby hamsters.

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