Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red bean, the chocolate chip of the Orient

I tried to buy a car yesterday. I was finally able to set up a time with the car guy. Since we were doing this ASAP, it meant we were doing it on a weekday. Since we were doing it on a week day and I work in Seoul, I was going to go alone. Now that we have phones, I wasn't really worried because I knew I could send pictures and call Jim to discuss things, but just in case, I brought some back up. Jared, our PE teacher took 4 autoshop courses in high school and considering his age, that wasn't that long ago.

Jared and I left right after school and took the subway to Itaewon. The first train we caught was at Guyerong Yok, right by school-the one that is in the depths of the Earth-the last part of getting to the platform is a set of stairs where you can hear train. We were at the top of the stairs when we heard the train. Jared, dressed as a PE teacher, made it to the train while I shuffled in my awesome black high heel boots. Jared jumped in the train and kept the door open for me (with force). After I jumped on the train everyone stared at us. Lucky for us, we only took that train to the next stop.
Korean women are so fashionable!
 The car guy picked us up, but was missing something...his game face. He was missing his game face. I'm not going to show his actual face, but let me paint a picture: unshaven. tshirt. althletic shorts. To be fair, he appologized for not having shaved.

He drove us to the first lot, which is where they filmed the awesome horror movie The Host. We did not see any monsters though. It was quite beautiful.

The first car had too many miles. The second was way too small for Jim (he wasn't even there, but it was pretty obvious). The 3rd car was too expensive.

The car guy had limited information on the cars. The phrase "phoning it in" sums up a lot of this. Jared and I left not long after we arrived. Even after all of this-we still may end up buying a car from this guy. He takes care of insurance and registration and the whole bit, so in that regard it's better than craigslist. ...but stay tuned I guess. I did see an old, white minivan for sale on the internet this morning!

Anyway, Jared and I split a taxi back to Gangnam and then I took the subway back to Miegum. Right at the top of the subway exit was this guy. He was selling something like a breakfast sandwhich. It was a poached egg in a sweet biscuit.

I also got these. Guess what they're filled with?! Red bean! I ate it. It was OK. It's obvious that they add a ton of sugar to make the beans sweet. I guess I would just rather have my sugar mixed in with chocolate...but it was OK. I brought some home for the kids. Grace didn't like it. But the other 2 did...

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